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Victoria Junior College Confessions(VJC)

Victoria Junior College Confessions 1(FB)

Victoria Junior College Confessions 1(FB)

    • Good job both the X Country team, Soccer Boys and Girls you've done VJ very proud! To the other sporting CCAs and performing arts, here's wishing you a meaningful journey and all the best! VJ BOLEH
    • Well it would be great if Victorians would help each other more often, like during exam schedules or catching up on lessons when one misses them. We're called a Victorian Family for a reason(:
    • Hey I'm not from VJ but really VJ ppl are nice! ^^

      *You're nice too!*
    • I'm not from VJ(a JC that's very near VJ though) but I just want to thank this VJ girl for waking me up on bus 31 at Tampines Interchange today!!! Thanks to you that I do not have to be locked away in the bus or get 'educated' by the bus captain uncle again! Though it's just a small gesture but I really appreciate it! And today I didn't get to thank you because I was rushing to another bus, so I thought I'd post it here, hoping you can see it:) again, thanks a lot!
    • I wanted to get in here. Oh well. Jia You to all you VS guys who managed to get in. May your endeavours be ever rewarding! *Jiayous to you too!*
    • And congrats for all the people who got into ODAC or SC!
    • All the best to the J2s for CTs!!!
    • We survived the OLC!! Great job to everyone!! The camp was tough, BUT WE WERE TOUGHER!! And although not all of us may be in ODAC in the end, at least we were all part of OLC. And at least, we were a batch, and we're still one! And let's give thanks, to the DIs and GIs who made this camp possible. Regardless of whether we get into ODAC or not, and regardless where we go in the future, we shan't forget the lessons from the camp. Always remember: The Body Achieves what The Mind Believes! :)

Victoria Junior College Confessions 2(FB)

Victoria Junior College Confessions 2(FB)

    • Actually I have no idea whether he is a student of VJC or not but I guess he is. Anyway, if he is in this school, he should be year 2 now. This message is to this guy name LTJS. I am from another JC. I want to wish you all the best for your upcoming A level examinations.
    • I like jonas ho from j2...
    • I think sim wei nan is quite qt pie ^^
    • I think this girl from sop 2 is cute
    • When I want to copy homework, I always ask my friend: "Can I REFER to your homework please?

Victoria Junior College official (FB)

Victoria Junior College official (FB)

    • VJC Open House 2015- Victoria: Unlocked is just 7 days away! ARE YOU READY TO UNCOVER THE MYSTERIES BEHIND VJC? Follow their Facebook page VJC Open House 2015 for more updates!

    • The time has come again for the weekly update for the week of 26 May - 30 May! The past week marked the end of the sports season for 2014 and on behalf of all Victorians, congratulations to all sportsmen and women who represented VJC in their respective games! Good job Victorians, you have truly kept her flag unfurled.

      Rest well and enjoy your well-deserved June break, Victorians! :)



    • Hey Victorians! Here's the weekly round-up for all the matches that went down this week! Good job to all the Victorians who wore our school colours and displayed the VICTORIAN SPIRIT out on the fields and courts! :) #SPIRITVICTORIA #FIREDUP #VJBOLEH #NILSINELABORE

    • Hey Victorians! Here's a round-up of the exciting matches that took place last week! Cheers to all the Victorians who fought hard and kept her flag unfurled! Let's continue to support them in the upcoming matches! :)

    • Hi JC1s, welcome to VJC!

      Please report in your Secondary School attire for Orientation 2014 tomorrow! Do bring along your Secondary School attire, lunch money, $20 (for your Orientation Pack) as well as your enthusiasm :D

      See you at 7.30am in the hall! :)

      Are you ready for #Arcane2014?

Victoria Junior College Confessions (Twitter)

Victoria Junior College Confessions (Twitter)

Victoria Junior College parody (twitter)

Victoria Junior College parody (twitter)

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